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Every health conscious person is looking for products that can be described in two phrases: "All natural" and "Low calorie." JAJA Stevioside meets this criteria and considerably more!

Stevia rebaudiana is plant belonging to the chrysanthemum family. It is native to South America. The leaves have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples, who added it to bitter medicines and teas. Other folk applications (primarily in Latin America and the Orient) include the following: stimulate alertness and counter fatigue; facilitate digestion and gastrointestinal functions; regulate blood glucose levels; nourish the liver, pancreas and spleen; help the body sustain a feeling of vitality and well-being and external application for blemishes. It has been shown in studies to inhibit the growth and reproduction of some bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay. Some users report a decrease in desire for sweets and fatty foods. Additionally, some users have reported that drinking Stevia tea or Stevia enhanced teas helped to reduce their desire for tobacco and alcoholic beverages. I want to buy JAJA Stevioside.

Today Stevia is commercially cultivated in South America and other countries around the world including China, Korea, and Malaysia.

The leaves contain glycosides, which taste sweet, but do not provide calories. Steviosides and rebaudiosides are the major constituents of glucosides with differing sugar molecules attached, as found in the leaves of the Stevia plant. The major commercially used glycoside is called Stevioside, estimated to be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevioside is not an artificial product made in a laboratory. It is an extract from the leaf of a Stevia plant. This means Stevioside is not "artificial" or "synthetic" or even "nature-identical"...it is truly an ALL NATURAL product! Methods of getting the extract vary. JAJA Stevioside is extracted using the Natural"Aqueous Extraction" process ( Purified water extraction, Air Dehydration). This all natural method results in a pure white crystal, with no brownish coloring. JAJA Stevioside dissolves rapidly in liquids. When dissolved in water it leaves the water completely clear with no sediment at the bottom.

In addition to being a Natural Extract, JAJA Stevioside is a "low-calorie" product. In fact, it is better than that...JAJA Stevioside has absolutely NO CALORIES and NO FAT! JAJA Stevioside has NO FILLERS, and
NO MALTODEXTRIN. It has a minimum of 95.25 % Steviosides. Questions?

SUBJECT "AUTOMATIC DETENTION OF STEVIA LEAVES, EXTRACT OF STEVIA LEAVES, AND FOOD CONTAINING STEVIA" the FDA states "Stevioside is reportedly 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and contributes no calories to the diet." Please read the entire alert by clicking on the link below:

The Japanese government approved Stevioside as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for food use in Japan in 1970 after many years of intensive study. Today it is used in many countries including Japan, Israel, Brazil, China, Taiwan and Korea. In fact Stevia and its extracts have reportedly captured over 50% of the Japanese market. Major multinational food companies convinced of its safety, use Stevia extracts to sweeten foods for sale in Japan, Brazil, and other countries where it is approved. JAJA Group, Inc. does not sell Stevioside in the USA as a "Sweetener" or "Flavor Enhancer" because the United States FDA only allows Stevioside to be sold in the USA as a Dietary Supplement or Dietary Supplement Ingredient. You can buy our JAJA Stevioside Dietary Supplement in bulk packages of 1 Kg (2.20459 lbs) or in JAJA’s handy 15 Gram shake top bottle. We sell both wholesale and retail and ship worldwide.

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