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C-Splash™ - Revolutionary New Vitamin C Supplement Powdered Drink Mix

Sugar Free, 0 fat, 0 calories,
0 carbohydrates, free of artificial colors
(no colors added). Free of artificial flavors only 100% natural flavors are used. 150% of the minimum daily requirement for Vitamin C per serving. .....So what’s the catch? 
There is none.

All bar coded and ready to go. Your customers will love you for it!

Min Wholesale Order is 6 X 24 packs of pouches - perfect for a small retail store

Minimum Export is 10560 pouches

Comes in 3 Great Flavors:
Wild Cherry, Lemon Lime, & Tropical Island Punch

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New Vitamin C Supplement Powdered Drink Mix

If you sell Kool Aid®, Crystal Light®, Ice Tea, Sugar Free Lemonade and all sorts of artificially sweetened and unsweetened drink mixes and beverages you know they are are very popular. Especially in summer. None of them truly provide enough Vitamin C. Not even close to 100% of the minimum daily requirement. That is where C-Splash™ Vitamin C supplement comes in.

We developed C-Splash™ due to consumer demand. We sell stevioside. Many people trying to get away from using sugar and artificial sweeteners purchase our JAJA Stevioside™ dietary supplement. A lot of those people wrote to ask us if it can be used in various soft drink mixes.

Since the FDA will not let us sell stevioside as a sweetener, or for food use in the USA, we could not tell them. The FDA will only let us sell JAJA Stevioside™ if labeled as a dietary supplement, or as a component of a dietary supplement. So it got us to thinking. 

What if we produced a Vitamin C supplement that tasted great, was convenient to use, and packaged in a simple standard way?

We went to work. We thought long and hard about this and came up with something special. Something that tastes Great! Is healthy and good for you. Something you and your customers will enjoy! Through 2001 we did a lot of experimentation, had a lot of taste tests.

Everyone who tried it loved it. In fact many people who taste tested it a year ago still write to us asking when it will be on the market.

Your Customers Will Welcome
C-Splash™ As an Old Friend

Wild Cherry...... Lemon Lime.......... Tropical Island Punch. great tasting natural flavors, but it’s not a soft drink mix. It’s a Vitamin C supplement. Packaged in familiar looking pouches.

What makes C-Splash different?

First lets go into what it is not:

C-Splash is not a sugar loaded carbohydrate loaded soft drink mix.

What is not in it?

C-Splash™ is free of artificial colors. In fact no colors at all. Free of artificial flavors, only 100% natural flavors are used.. In fact no artificial anything at all. It is diabetic and low carb dieter friendly. 0 Carbohydrates, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 calories.

So what is it?

C-Splash is powdered vitamin C supplement drink mix packaged in pouches. Each pouch makes 1 quart. Each Quart has 4 servings. Each serving provides 150% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. 3 natural flavors: Wild Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Tropical Island Punch.

Sounds like it should be expensive, right? Well, how many do you think you can sell at a suggested retail price of 50 cents per pouch? That's right! Suggested retail of 50 cents per pouch.

We are open to co-op advertising programs as well. We do not pay slotting fees, or other extraneous fees.

Interested? Inquire on how you can become a dealer here.


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